We are pleased to note that 2014 marks our 15th anniversary. The growth in staff and business volume during the last 15 years has exceeded our expectations. Even more impressive is the cohesiveness of our staff. With video connections between our four Vermont offices and network communications, we have never been more able to provide timely and responsive engineering services to our clients. The next decade appears to be more challenging. Our clients will be forced to do more with less money; even borrowing money for projects may represent a challenge. The growing financial crisis has arrived concurrently with the end of the useful life of many of our major infrastructure systems paid for by our grandparents. Many of these systems were taken for granted for the last fifty years and the cost of renovation and replacement is staggering. The next decade may bring great adversity and great opportunity. The Dufresne Group is ready for the challenge.

Thanks for visiting our site. If you are considering potential engineering services, we would like to discuss our engineering philosophy with you on a personal level. If you are considering us as a potential employer for your career in engineering, please contact me personally using my e-mail address.


Robert E. Dufresne, President